Located in West Central Ohio east of Columbus. Stan Potts calls this particular portion of Ohio, “Little Iowa”. We operate on around 11,000 acres in Champaign, Logan, Shelby and Union Counties. Joel Snow has lived in the area his entire life and knows every nook and cranny for big bucks in the area. He has guided for whitetails in the area for the past nine years.

The properties are comprised of smaller wood lot hunting to gentle rolling farm ground. A lot of agriclulture with fence rows, creek bottoms and wooded fingers. This makes for ideal bow hunting with lots of visibility.
Ohio has a very friendly season structure:
+ Reasonable(Under $200), OVER THE COUNTER non resident tags.
+ Opens the last Saturday of September. The opener has great evening action! Catch them relaxed and still in summer mode.
+ Runs through the first Saturday of February. Hunt them when they are hungry and have to eat!
+ Long archery rut hunt. The entire rut is centered around the archery hunter. Hunt with a bow, pre rut clear through to post rut.
+ The shot gun or muzzle load hunter can enjoy the statewide December firearms. A seven day season always begins the Monday after   Thanksgiving followed by a two day season the third weekend of the month.
+ Finally, our new muzzle loader ONLY season dates should be smokin hot! January 9-12. We are generally snow covered by this time.
What makes Ohio so good:
+ No rifle hunting!
+ No firearm during the primary rut.
+ Residents and non-residents can only harvest one buck.
+ Over 4 full months for the serious archery hunter to pursue big bucks at different stages.
+ Between the soil and genetics, we have what it takes to grow large heavy horned whitetails!
Come give it your best shot at a Buckeye Bruiser this season!